Setting the value of a (sketch) card - how hard it is

Seen some recent discussions on various boards about the prices of cards. Determining sell value, looking at book value, recent comparable sales on ebay just leads to one notion - flip a coin. Or better yet set a high price and take offers as that will determine the true market value.

What impacts the price? Supply and Demand from Economics 101 is just a start. For all cards it is condition, but then it gets tricky. For sports, the player, the team, the design of the card all factor in. That is why a scan is always good to have if looking to move a card. For sketch cards, it could be the artist, the character, nowadays how many characters are depicted on the small panel all play a role in determining value.

Over on Blowout forums there is a poster there who is adamant that another collector can not re-sell a card they bought for higher. He shows links to the purchased price which is indeed lower than the new re-selling price. But the new owner, and imo rightfully so, says it is his card and he can set the price however he wants. Mind you, the card is inflated only a little bit.

Nonsportscard forum posters are working to create a price guide for sketches. A lot of input from the members but it seems to be very challenging to create something similar to what is seen in the sports card world - a handy reference guide like a Beckett. What's the problem? just too many factors .. some not even about the card itself.
 "Art is subjective, some people just like some pieces better than others. They can be the same artist, medium, and character. Will most likely sell for different prices." 

Here's an example of a flipped card:  Tony Perna Iron Man 2 - golden avenger
Some background on the coolness of this card. Artist Tony Perna drew this card with the screen name of a Scoundrel Board Member hidden in the background - can u see it? look at the lower right on the bricks.

Well this card was returned to Upper Deck by the artist, approved and pack inserted - so the chase was on. Scoundrel Board Member "golden avenger" had a special card that didnt require him to purchase an Artist Proof. Somehow through luck it ended up in his collection. Now fast forward to Oct 2011 and a check of completed ebay listings and we find the value of the card was 499.99- of which the collector / aka ebay seller benjichase got the sale value. The artist in making this nice gesture was paid the normal card rate from Upper Deck, Scoundrel Board member "golden avenger" / tim got 499.99 from his ebay sale ( of course a bit less with fees etc.). Isnt this behavior by a collector objectionable? At the very least collectors / artists / sellers should ask why would he do this to the artist? Perhaps the collector needed funds for an emergency. idk. To sum up, a pack inserted card was somehow obtained by the collector it was meant for by the artist, said collector ends up selling at a huge price of 499.99  - Are all of artist Tony Perna's pack inserted cards to be valued at 499? - or do other things factor in.

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