One of the Qs i get often is - what do i collect / need.
Comic books - small digests: DC blue ribbon, Topps xfiles, Archies

Trading cards -

Base/inserts - kids stuff: adventure time, disney, scooby, cartoon sets - like hellboy

Sketches: only flippable as moving mine .. could use Marvel Retro as tradebait

Castle m7 kate beckett red dress

GoT any charles dance auto

Marvel Beginnings 1 - holograms

  • NCIS bob newhart
  • Night of the Living Dead (unstoppable cards) autos: i have these
    A1 russ streiner x2
    A3 george kosana
    A4 john russo
    A6 kyra schon x2
    NEED the other autos
  • Parks and rec: lowe , offerman, rudd autos
  • Star Wars -  peter mayhew sketchagraph; ray park sketchagraph; Printing Plates
  • Spiderman movie autos:
    -- Aasif Mandvi as Mr. Aziz
    -- Hal Sparks as Elevator Passenger
    -- Mageina Tovah as Ursula
  • Star Trek - william shatner autos, leonard nimoy autos 
  • Trek voyager - a8 jessica collins 
  •  STNG 2 ashley judd 
  Autographs: Ali, Jim Kelly, Phil Simms, Bart Starr, Patrick Ewing, Becky Hammon, Arnold Palmer

  Relics: NYY, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle - jersey, bat relic. medallion cards

Wrestler Autographs:

Any wrestling set:
Pedro Morales
Triple H
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Randy Savage
The Ultimate Warrior
The Undertaker
Stan Stasiak
Mr. McMahon
Andre the Giant

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